Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Over Our First Cold

On Tuesday Hunter woke up from his first nap with a panicked scream like I've never heard. So loud that Adam heard it through his techno blasted headphones and came running. (I didn't even towel off from the shower I was taking, perhaps that scared Hunter even more.) It was way worse than any scream from shots and it lasted for about 3 minutes. 3 HORRIBLE MINUTES. It doesn't seem that long but when you have a baby trying to cry and scream and gasping for air 3 minutes is for FREAKING EVER. That was the beginning of Hunter's first stuffed up nose.

Once he calmed down we found he was totally stuffed up. Maybe a sinus headache too? He had a very low fever and we figured he was in pain from the scream so we gave him some baby acetaminophen. He was able to relax a bit but still wanted to play. His sickness was clearly harder on us than on him after the initial screaming incident.

The worst part was all the mucous. He was so congested he could barely eat. I track all of his activities with a cool little app called Baby Esp so I know exactly what his input and output is every day. And on both Tuesday and Wednesday he was eating half his normal intake. But he seemed ok. That mucous just ran a muck though; it had him snoring, he couldn't eat, way more drool and snot than I could have imagined.

To combat all that mucous our pediatrician recommended Baby Simply Saline and the ball syringe. It was great. He was able to eat a bit more after getting the saline rinse. It's kind of like a neti pot so it clears things out for a bit. We also use an anti mold/bacteria humidifier, we have for the past few months because it's so darn dry in the valley and the moisture helps to keep things moist (duh). But it's the dry warm nasal passages that can keep viruses and bacteria nice and comfy. You need that moisture to help things move through.

So today he's all better. He hasn't had a fever since Wednesday morning. So I'm hoping we're on the tail end of this thing. He ate better last night and is eating like crazy this morning, he's already eaten more than he ate yesterday. I think we're definitely on the road to recovery.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hunter Likes


He actually ate some pea puree, and I was kind of convinced he wouldn't eat many veggies. Hooray!

Frozen burp cloths!
Wash cloths or burp cloths will freeze easily for his favorite teething soother. Thanks Lisa S.

Hanging out naked!
A few months ago he hated being out of his clothes and now he hates being in them.

Chilling with Ringo!

They both love lying on our big bed, especially together!



Monday, October 4, 2010

Too Fast!

It's amazing how fast 2 1/2 weeks have gone by. It's not like it's been any busier than usual, well maybe a little. Hunter is turning into a bit of a handful. Not bad at all, quite the opposite actually, he's starting to do so much so it's a lot more work. But soooo fun!

Happy 5 month birthday little man!!!!!

Here's an update

He loves to play!

We got him this bouncer off Craigslist. He loves it! He loves to play with all the activities and he reaches out to play with things hanging out of his reach. He also loves to stand ALL THE TIME. So much so that Adam and my arms were tired passing him between the two of us. So this has definitely taken a weight off our shoulders, literally.

On a side note, notice the white bar in the foreground with shiny screws. Those screws are notches for the bouncer to move up as Hunter grows. A few days ago Hunter had a super cranky day; no naps, lots of screaming and eating. The next day, he wakes up and I put him in the bouncer while I make his morning bottle and realize we have to move the bouncer up a notch. He actually grew overnight!

He's mobile!

I've been putting Hunter in this activity walker for the last 10 weeks just so he can stand. He will hang in it while I shower or just for a few minutes when I need to put laundry in the dryer or something. Last week I brought it into the kitchen while I was cooking and Hunter moved a foot. I was so excited and hollered for Adam to come watch him move at a snails pace. But the next night he moved five feet and we had to put up safety gates. Now he's cruising all over the house! He's also getting interested in the cabinets so we'll be baby proofing those in the coming weeks.

He's also rolling over quite often, he sits in a propped position, and he does this weird downward dog move that may be a crawl in a month or two. It looked like he tried to scoot on his rear today, but he may have just been trying to stand

He's onto solids!

It took him a while to warm up to some of these new tastes. He hates rice cereal with a passion, he purses his lips and won't let anything through. So we moved onto pears which he tolerated a bit more but not completely. He really likes banana and sweet potatoes and tomorrow we will move onto peas. And I've heard pureed avocado is great so we'll try that in the next few days. Yum?!

Here are some other cute pics from the last few weeks:

As for Adam, he continues to work like a madman. I swear as soon as he gets a moment of rest he immediately starts working again. That is good news though. And he's been biking like crazy as well too. He is a total mountain biker dude now.

Not too much is new on my end except for my weight loss and overall fitness. I'm a little over 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and I've dropped a full pants size. I'm running crazy mileage, 11 miles this past Saturday. And I think before I run my marathon in March I might run the Malibu 1/2 marathon in November. Just for fun, ya know ;)

I'll try not to be so tardy with my next post.

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