Friday, March 30, 2012

Making the Grade

Exercise: 3x800 8% grade hill workout

Since I haven't blogged in ages I haven't told you all that I'm running the Hollywood Half next weekend!!! I'm very excited because it's my first post baby long distance race. I've run a few 12 and 14 mile distances in the last 21 months but never raced. And honestly, I'm pretty nervous.

I feel really positive about the amount of training I've put in. I did my 12 mile long run last Saturday and have incorporated tempo runs, fartleks and hill repeats into my training. But the course is darn hilly. If you look at that link just click elevation at the lower left corner. And then cry for me. The last 3 miles are pretty much up hill at 5% grade. Eek!

In my training I've done a few runs to simulate the elevation gain so I feel confident I can do it but it still makes me nervous. And I was really hoping to finish under 2 hours but I think I might choose a flatter course for that goal. This is also just a training race leading up to the Pasadena Marathon in May which is just distance training for the final goal, the Bulldog 50k which has 2-4 mile climbs up Bulldog Mountain. I better start loving the hills!

In other news, my baby is almost 2! I was looking through pictures a few days ago to fill a photo frame. Time certainly flies:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Checking In

I got comfy on the sofa, cuddled in my Snuggie and ready to start blogging again. Ready to fill you in on the past 6 weeks. Of course my lap top was dead. Drats

We'll leave the catch up for tomorrow but at least you now know I'm alive and well. I'm still running, cooking, eating and being a crafty mommy but all that will have to wait because I'm not a fan of phone blogging.

I hope you all are well.

To be continued...

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