Monday, May 3, 2010

Bloggin' in the Hospital

It's looking like May 4th will be Hunter's birthday! Which means I'm in for a long night :( Too bad I was up at 4am with indigestion from the spicy Indian food from last night's dinner. I can't say that the food put me in labor, but it sure made the baby want out.

I came to the hospital this morning for my regularly scheduled NST and the baby had a lower baseline heart rate again (guess he doesn't like Chicken Tikka Masala). So they scheduled yet another fetal biophysical that showed my amniotic fluid level was low. The nurse told me my OB would be coming to see me in an hour. At that point I pretty much knew the baby was coming out one way or another. Now the heart rate was still in the normal range, but on the lower end, not a big deal. But you combine that with my aging placenta, low PAPP-A, and low fluid levels and the doctor just wasn't comfortable with leaving him in. So she decided to induce me.

I've been in the hospital for 7 1/2 hours now with no real change. They started the induction at 1:15 with Cervidil. This really only effaces and dilates the cervix and shouldn't really cause any contractions. And my contractions right now are very minor, barely more than a cramp. At 1am they'll examine me to see if the medication's working. If it does work I start Pitocin at that point. If it doesn't ripen much, then I wait another 12 hours to start Pitocin! Ughhh.... That means it could be tomorrow night before I have this guy! And more than 24 hours without food!!!

I'm feeling very anxious about this process and a little sad. I feel like I'm missing out on the natural process of birth. I didn't get to have that panicked feeling of "It's Go Time!" Nor do I get to feel the natural progression of labor. Luckily, my husband is being an angel right now. He keeps trying to reassure me of how great it is that it's stress free and we don't have to experience any real panic. And we're doing this for the little man. That's what's important.

For the time being I'm happy and baby is healthy. And at least I have TLC and WiFi!


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  1. dude, tlc AND wifi?! i had nothing - five spanish language channels, and something that showed law and orders from five years ago!

    you will be so awesome, we're rooting for you!


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