Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where's the teef?

I have to start off by telling you that I'm sitting indian-style on the floor right now. I'm so used to being on the ground with Hunter all day I just automatically fall to the floor in the evening rather than the sofa. Oh, and did you notice Hunter's shirt? A little gift from Daddy's trip.

Hunter turns 9 months tomorrow and he's becoming so much fun. He's started moving, not crawling really, it's more like the breast stroke. He can get around pretty well, but it's fairly inefficient. And it's so funny because it was like one day he was totally stationary and the next day he was pulling toys off of his shelf or suddenly under the sofa.

He's getting so big! He was such a tiny guy when he was born, it's crazy to think he's more than tripled in size! Right before Thanksgiving we had to get a new car seat for him because his old one was getting too confining. Unfortunately he wasn't ready for the transition quite yet so he's stayed in the smaller car seat. Luckily most of his length is in his legs so his feet just dangle a bit.

We went to our 9 month appointment today and found out Hunter is way too big for his current car seat that was supposed to last the 1st year. He still has a huge 48 cm head. I wonder if this hinders the crawling at all because he'll get himself up on his knees and then his head goes right to the floor. I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick! He tips the scales at close to 23 pounds and he's just over 30 inches tall.

Hunter talks so much these days. He's always babbling and this week he's really stuck on dada. So everyone we see he looks at and he says dadadadada, smiles, then gets shy and turns away. We were at a play group this afternoon and Hunter and his friend, baby Elizabeth, were babbling at each other. It was like they were having a real conversation although all they did was yell dadababararalala back and forth.

He also had his first wrestling match with his friend Hudson. Before, he would cry when he thought Hudson was being too aggressive, today he was able to get all rumble tumble before the tears appeared. He's still not sure about the more aggressive boys, but he's getting more tolerant. Adam was joking that Hunter will be just like his dad, friends with all the girls.

I'm just enjoying him so much. He becomes more wonderful by the day. And the last few weeks have been really rough with Adam gone. Hunter's kept me going, if just because I have to be present for him. I think Hunter understands that dad isn't here and it's affected him as well. But we're in the zone now and we've adjusted pretty well to being alone during the week.

And one final tidbit: still not a tooth in sight!!!! No lumps, no bumps, no swelling or redness. But he still drools like a fountain, runs a low grade fever some days, pulls at his ears and is generally fussy. The doctor assured me that this is all due to teething. But where are these elusive teeth?


  1. Head, pants, NOW

  2. omg, he's HUGE! He's bigger than arlo! also, when can we hang?


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