Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Your Daily Crisis

Exercise: 4 mile walk and 30 min circuit w/ mommies

Ahhhh... Today has been one of those days, just one thing after another after another. Little Man was woken up at 6 by loud people on the street which caused me to miss my workout. Music Man woke up early so I could at least get a walk in (xo!). Then the coffee maker decided to stop working (crisis!!!) While Music Man was fixing the coffee maker Little Man broke one of his favorite toys and then lost one of his others and that resulted in tears and whining. It's a case where one thing was annoying but the avalanche of crap made me freak out. Maybe the pmsing had something to do with it ;)

After the coffee maker was fixed and I was calmed down the morning smoothed out. I met up with some ladies in my MOMS club for a little circuit training while the kids played. My legs are already sore from the bevy of squats and lunges. After all the playing Little Man fell asleep in the car (ftw) so I got to have a leisurely shower and a nice lunch with MM.

Now I'm back at preschool for the afternoon. I'm definitely going to be the last parent to leave. I didn't mind when there were a few other parents here but now it's getting a little depressing. Not because I want to leave him (not entirely ;) but because I want him to be confidant without me. Otherwise he's doing extremely well and still loves school.

Here's to the rest of the day going smoothly. Hopefully for you too!

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