Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exercise and New Duds

Exercise: I did some!!! Ok, it was only 20 minutes of legs and arms but I got at least 10 drops of sweat so I call that a huge accomplishment.

This morning I was getting ready to go for a walk with some ladies and got on my Brooks and my left foot was still too swollen and achy to wear a real shoe so I had to cancel. Boo. So I sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself contemplating eating a bowl of cocoa sharks and instead got out my weights and did a arm burner and a ton of squats and felt like I got a decent workout in...and then had a handful of cocoa sharks 😀

I'm trying so hard to stay active this pregnancy but it's so much harder with a toddler and falling all the time doesn't help either. I gained quite a bit of weight with my last pregnancy even though I was exercising daily so I'm hoping to keep it under control this time. I'm definitely splurging more than I have in a long time but its been so nice not worrying too much. 

Not only did I gain a lot of weight with my last pregnancy I was also much heavier to begin with. I donated or sold all my old maternity clothes because they were so large (and most were too hot for a summer prefnancy anyway)so this time I started out with nothing. Luckily I have a few close friends  that had a lot of maternity clothes to be donated so I struck gold. I'm so lucky to have made so many great mom friends and the clothing was such a blessing. 

Bump pics in new to me duds:

Oh dear, pardon the terrible lighting and folded laundry. We're still unpacking and getting settled. I keep thinking I'll get to some projects when Little Man goes back to school next week. I hope. 

Have a great night!

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