Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Beginnings...In the Middle

Exercise: 3.5 mile walk. Sub 16:30 pace. Ha

When I first found out I was pregnant I had all these goals for my pregnancy in regards to exercise and weight gain. I really wanted to run up until the day I gave birth. I was hoping to eat so healthily and gain very little weight. And hopefully end my pregnancy healthier than it began.

I think I lost sight of those goals within the first few weeks when I had my first bout of nausea and all that sounded palatable were bagels and jelly beans. Then I proceeded to fall twice as well as get sick twice, stage and move houses, and finally break my foot. That brings me to this week.

Yesterday was the first day I've felt really well in a few months and today is great too. I've been able to exercise, I'm not sick and I've eaten some tasty and healthy meals. It's not like I can diet now but I can still make the remainder of my pregnancy healthy. 

Here are my main goals for the remainder of my pregnancy and I will check in weekly with updates.

* exercise daily
* keep my walking pace below 17:30 minute miles- a far cry from the 10 minute mile runs I was hoping to continue with but still a good walking pace

* gain no more than 1 lb a week for the remainder of my pregnancy
* eat more fruit (I have no problem with vegetables but rarely eat fruit)
* drink plain water as opposed to the lemonade, juice and sodas I crave
* only one treat a day!!!

Here's to new the middle!!! 😀

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