Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Hike

Exercise: (yesterday) 3.25 mile walk in the hot hot heat

(Today) 30 minute living room circuit and family trail walk

The humidity as of late has been off the charts. Yesterday was so muggy I was certain we had mistakenly moved to Florida. My walk was very slow going, perhaps from the thickness of the air? Later we got some refreshing rain which made all the humidity worth it.

Today we had planned a family outing to Ventura to a restaurant we love that happens to be both walking distance to a park and a beach. Both Music Man and I had morning activities that lasted much longer than we anticipated so we decided to do some local hiking/biking/walking instead. 

We walked from Santa Monica Mountain National Park to Point Mugu Stare Park and along the Boney Mountain trail.

The weather was amazing but it was a surreal landscape since most of the area was recently burned in The Camarillo Fire.

It made me really miss trail running and look forward to getting back out there again. A large portion of the trail is paved as well so I definitely see many family hikes with the new addition in the near future. 

Today has been a great start to the weekend. I'm looking forward to more good weather and having my parents and nephews out to visit. 

Hope you all have had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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