Monday, October 21, 2013

39 Week Update

Exercise: 3 mile walk

Tomorrow I will be 9 months or 39 weeks. My due date is next Tuesday and I have a c-section scheduled the following day but I hope to have baby prior to that. 

I am doing everything to encourage baby to come. I would be happy to wait but having a deadline makes it difficult to be patient. Today I had my second round of acupuncture and although it hasn't encouraged dilation or effacement yet it has made me feel really relaxed as well as help with aches and swelling. I've also been eating spicy food, pineapple, world famous labor inducing salad and all the other stuff that is recommended. Lots of walking and hiking has been occurring the last few weeks.

Little Man was induced at 38 weeks so even though I anticipated this baby being later I still expected an early arrival. Luckily the weather is amazing, my ankles are a normal size and I am still able to exercise comfortably. So I'm ready for the next 8 days but fingers are crossed that she comes at least a tiny bit early.

And here are a few belly pics and fun pics from the last few months:

Have a great rest of your week! 

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