Monday, April 13, 2009

New Life and a New Camera

Man, it's been a busy weekend. Not seeing my husband for a week means we have to cram in 7 days of stuff into 2. Then it was also a holiday weekend so that added a little stress with entertaining and such. There's also been some excitement, my husband works in music and one of his projects' release dates was announced on Perez Hilton. Good news because Perez is great marketing especially to a crowd that may not have otherwise been introduced to the musician, Regina Spektor.

The excitement for me is that I got a new camera, well it's not exactly new, but new to me. And, although I'm a firm believer that it is the artist and not his tools, this camera takes such good photos. Way better than the old camera, anyways, so yay.

That is a baby green bean plant, less than a week old. A few months ago, late February I think, my husband and I started germinating seeds for vegetables. Our first attempt was halfway successful, we got a bunch of zucchini, a few onions and one lettuce plant going. But the carrots and chives didn't make it. It must be the warmer weather, but the plants are literally exploding. I am so excited to post new recipes and dishes made from our home grown vegetables. Stay tuned.

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