Monday, July 26, 2010

And I ran...

6 miles yesterday! 6 miles ya'll! I haven't run over 5 miles in close to 2 years. And I ran the whole time. Maybe jog is a better word, but I did it. I actually followed my whole training plan last week and I'm hoping to continue with it this week. I ran hills, and I did it way faster than I had anticipated. I didn't push too hard, it just felt right. Mind you, I'm still super slow, but I see a glimpse of my potential.

In other news, my goal for weight loss last week was 2 lbs. I'm hoping to lose 2 lbs a week for at least the next 12 weeks then I'll readjust my goals. But I lost 3 lbs! Actually 3.1! Not down to my pre-pregnancy weight just yet, but that's just a matter of 4 lbs. I'm so darned pleased with myself. I just have to stick to what I'm doing, which is actually pretty fun and I'll be marathon ready in no time.

Hunter is doing great these days. He's still up once most nights, but I'm fine with that. He's slept through the night a few times, like 9-5:30, but then he wants to stay up. I much prefer the 8-3 and back to sleep from 3:30 to 7. I guess I'm finally used to being up in the middle of the night.

And he's getting so strong. He doesn't really like tummy time so we have to split it up into a few 10 minute sessions throughout the day. And we were just using the play mat and he hated being on the floor. So now he spends a lot of time on the sofa with us. It's obvious from this picture that he doesn't like the sofa that much better.

He's napping pretty well too, 2 solid naps and 1 or 2 15-30 minute cat naps. We still don't have much of a schedule, but at least I'm getting a bit of rest. I feel totally human and like myself.

Those first 8 weeks were ROOOUUUGH. I'm just realizing now that I was in a fog and maybe had a bit of the baby blues. Nowhere near depression, but we're talking a HUGE change in life. It's nearly impossible to not feel a bit out of sorts. And the exercise has been a huge help.

Giving myself that hour a day to do something that makes me feel and look better has made me feel so much better. I almost want to say it makes me feel free. And I guess I am to have that little bit of time to myself. I do take Hunter with me in the jogger and he naps while I jog, but it still feels like my time. I hope he still enjoys it when he gets older.


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  1. GREAT JOB! That is so good to hear about your running and your weight loss! I know that once I finally started exercising and losing weight after Nathan I felt so much better too! I hope that Hunter continues to like it in the jogger :) Also, when you don't run with the jogger it is amazing how much stronger and faster you are because of the workout the jogger gives you!


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