Thursday, July 1, 2010


Adam and I celebrated our three year anniversary on Tuesday. This also marks 8 weeks of Hunter's life and we're dealing with a lot of 'firsts' which is really fun. This is our first anniversary with a child and it really does feel different to be celebrating it as a family. Especially because it's the leather anniversary and I'm thinking a kinky whip is a little out of the question now that we're parents ;)

Last Monday Hunter and I had our first play date. It was more of a play date with mothers as all the babies did was eat, cry, and drool. It was fun none the less. And great to get out and be around other mothers of similarly aged kids. I have to admit I was a little worried, even though I really like these women, that there might be some judgement on my mothering skills. Of course, the opposite was true, and it was more camaraderie than anything. We were all having or had similar issues and it was nice to discuss those with people that understood.

Hunter and I went on our first hike together on Tuesday. We went to the same canyon I hiked at 37 weeks pregnant, just days before Hunter's birth. We used the Baby Bjorn because some of the terrain was too rough for the jogger to handle. Even though we only hiked for 40 minutes it was quite a work out with 12 pounds strapped to my chest. I was surprised at how much harder it was to hike with him in his carrier than it was to hike at 37 weeks pregnant.

On Thursday Hunter, my mother and I took our first long road trip up to northern California to visit my grandparents. They live near Chico and a normally 7 and 1/2 hour trip took 9 1/2 hours with an infant. I had anticipated it taking longer due to breast feeding stops and diaper changes, but in my head that was about an hour. So I was exhausted by the time we reached our destination.
All in all he was a pretty great traveler since he slept 90% of the trip. The only issue we had was it screwed up his sleeping schedule. He was getting 6 solid hours at a time and during the trip he reverted back to his old schedule of waking every 3 hours. We had a few rough nights but we're getting back on track.

Yesterday I went for my first post pregnancy run. Oh my god, I am so sore! The baby jogger really adds quite a bit of resistance when pushing it uphill. And then the trip down, I was nearly forced to run or it would have dragged me. And I've lost most of my pregnancy weight, but what's left is, apparently, on my thighs because I think I almost started a fire.

Today Hunter got his vaccinations. It was rough to say the least. Adam kept saying to me "It's ok, he'll be tough, just like you." But I saw his little face crinkle up and I lost it. Not so tough, eh? But I got some good advice and nursed him immediately after the shots, gave him some acetaminophen, and now he's sleeping peacefully.

But this was minutes before...


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  1. I feel your pain... I had tears when Leon had his first set of vaccines :-(
    I admire you for going on a hike with Hunter- I would love to try it too!


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