Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's Stats

Although I've been running for close to 3 weeks now I am going to consider this coming week as the first week of training. This week I will start hill climbs, tempo runs, as well as Saturday long runs. I will also do 3 days a week of cross training which will most likely be walking. When Hunter can sit up on his own, I'll add a trailer to my bike and we will ride a few days a week. For now I'm pretty happy with our program.

Duration1h 7m 23s
Start9:31:30 AM PDT Mon, 19 Jul 10 show
Last Update10:38:53 AM PDT Mon, 19 Jul 10 show
Max6.20mph show
Max .25miPersonal Best4.12mph / 3m 37s show
Max .5miPersonal Best4.03mph / 7m 25s show
Max 1miPersonal Best3.99mph / 15m 0s show
Max 3miPersonal Best3.90mph / 46m 3s show
Max 1minPersonal Best4.37mph / 117.2m show
Max 5minPersonal Best4.08mph / 548.1m show
Max 10minPersonal Best4.00mph / 0.66mi show
Max 20minPersonal Best3.96mph / 1.32mi show
Max 30minPersonal Best3.94mph / 1.97mi show
Max 1hrPersonal Best3.84mph / 3.84mi show
Ave Speed3.80mph

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