Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Loves

Exercise: Elliptical tabata with intervals of strength and yoga for a total 80 minute workout of awesome

So I'm finally feeling healthy although I'm not gonna hold my breath because most likely I'll be sick as a dog within the month. I really enjoyed my nap time workout today so I just kept going until my body was jelly and it felt sooo gooooood.

I'm still on a high from the hot yoga class I took on Thursday and I'm "chasing the dragon" if you will. It was incredible! I want to do it every day. The class was extremely popular and we were packed in like sardines. Even with the heat and close proximity there was very little smell which was a nice surprise. I didn't find the heat the least bit oppressive, on the contrary, it was totally pleasant, calming even. The workout was definitely hard but the teacher lead the class clearly and I felt strong and confident in my poses. If you have a Core Power studio near you I highly recommend it. The first week is free, total plus.

Tomorrow I plan to do a long run and it will be my first run over 6 miles in a few months. I'm going to try for 8 which should be doable. I would just do 6 but gotta burn a few extra calories in preparation for the 2 Super Bowl parties we're attending. The first party is at Music Man's manager's home and I'm kind of hoping for a celebrity sighting but it's probably just gonna be a bunch of dudes talking audio gear.The second party is at the producer's home he works with most often. It's kind of like family since they've been working together for nearly 10 years now.

I always want to be a gracious guest so I wanted to make a Super Bowl snack to share. I thought about preparing something healthy but then I saw this recipe and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Cookie dough dip. How could I not spread this kind of love? So I tried the recipe as is but made a few changes that I think made it better. Oh and , by the way, there is nothing healthy about this recipe. Sorry.

First, completely leave out the stove top step. I found just softening the butter and creaming everything together worked much better. I also think a whole stick of butter might be a bit much, so I cut it to 1/2 a stick, much less greasy and the cream cheese is creamy enough. Lastly, I added in a 1/4 c of flour because I thought the texture was too slick and the flour addition made it like a smooth dippable cookie dough. Boy was it good. I had about 10 samples :) I'll photograph it tomorrow but I plan to serve it with sliced green apples, graham crackers and pretzels. The recipe makes quite a large amount so i froze 1/2, we'll see how that turns out.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I'm glad that you had a fun time at yoga (I checked out the website) and it looks pretty cool. The free week is a big bonus!

    The dip looks pretty good! I think that it would be a big hit at a kid's birthday party :)

    1. I'm glad that you are blogging again :) I missed my Lauren updates!


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