Monday, June 4, 2012

Might As Well Give it a Tri

Exercise: 45 mins elliptical, 15 minutes strength, 10 mile easy bike ride

Music Man is home this week which makes life feel like vacation; it's pretty darn great. That said, he went on a bike ride a few days ago that ended up taking close to 4 hours. Which was fine, but unexpected, so he gave me the green light to take as long as I wanted to exercise while he's home and he'd watch the grommet. Sweet.

Swimming has been a huge source of my exercise lately due to the sore leg so it's nice to have the extra time to spend in the pool. My daily swim has been about a mile and then I'm also doing little something else like a short run or walk and I am LOVING it. I've also been biking a lot too. This weekend Music Man urged me to get some clip shoes to try his road bike (I'm only a little shorter than he is) to see if I'd like it. My plan is to experiment with cages first but I already know I like biking just not sure if I want to add real road biking into my regimen. But maybe it is time to give it a tri ;)

For quite some time I have been considering a triathlon. I've always enjoyed swimming and running so it seems natural to give it a tri ( :)see what I did there?) I do bike quite often with Little Man but never for exercise or with any kind of goal. I also didn't have access to a pool until recently and now that I do I can work on time, form, etc. I also found a tri up the road from my parents, like 2 miles, so it's almost too convenient. It's like destiny. Dude.

On my summer calendar I have a few races so far:

Valley Crest Half Marathon - June 10
Watermelon Run- Aug 19
Bulldog 25k- Aug 25
Pacific tri- September 9

August is looking pretty crowded but not so bad. The watermelon run is just a 5k and will be my taper before the Bulldog. After that I have 2 weeks before the Pacific tri and at this point I don't see a problem riding 10 miles, swimming 1/2, and running a 5k. I just need to practice.

I'm super excited about this new goal!

Have a great Week!!!

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  1. Way to go!!! I have a road bike that I haven't used in ages. It used to have the cages, but I switched to the clips. I was nervous at first, but they were pretty easy to handle. I was just telling Christopher that I am thinking about riding my road bike. Although, the last experience I had with it some guy in a car tried to run Christopher and I down! Good luck with the tri! We missed you at book club!


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