Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stories From Last Week

Exercise: 1 mile swim, 1.5 mile run (9:58 pace), 5 mile bike ride

We live pretty close to Los Angeles so it's nearly impossible not to see celebrities at least once a month. But everytime it happens it always feels so random. Ex.1 Sunday, Music Man and I were on the way home from visiting friends with a new baby (more on that later.) When we were about a mile from home we noticed someone driving a golfcart on the community bike path. It's a pedestrian path so you normally only see cyclists, joggers, walkers, rollerbladers and the occassional horse. But never a motorized vehicle. As we got closer I giggled to Music Man "Ha, that looks so much like David Hasselhoff!" And his response "That IS David Hasselhoff." We contemplated turning around to get a picture but decided against it because Little Man was asleep in the back seat. We should have totally tried for a pic because Little Man ended up waking up anyway. Oh well. Still a fun story though.

Ex.2 Last Wednesday I had both boys boys with me and had to run some errands. Fairly easy ones like PETCO for poo bags, which is like the zoo to toddlers. I also had to run to Whole Foods for Little Man's favorite crackers. I normally wouldn't take both boys grocery shopping but Little Man loves the Whole Foods grissini with a passion and we were out.

So we go to Whole Foods and get the crackers but because I'm already there it only makes sense to get a few other necessities like milk, kombucha and cookies :). I remember I want yogurt as well so I go down the nearest aisle to get back to dairy and it happens to be the kiddie aisle with all the cool toys. I quickly try to distract the boys by giving them cars from my purse and telling them to divert their eyes. One of the boys exclaims "TRUCK!!!" I laugh and keep telling them to divert their eyes and not look in that direction and then I hear a woman's voice say "What's the deal?" "Do you have a problem?" kind of angrily. I turn to the voice and it's none other than Maya Rudolph. I gather she thought I was directing the kids to divert their eyes from her!!! I was mortified.  I quickly explained that, no, I was just trying to distract them from the trucks. She eased up and apologized. I blurted out "No problem, I love you!" And then I got the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

What really struck me about the situation was how easily she jumped to the conclusion that I was intending to offend her. So sad! I think she's a comedic genius but I'm sure people have been intentionally rude in the past. Glad we got it straightened out though!

Last Thursday we met some friends for a birthday dinner. They have a boy the same age as Little Man so we figured they could entertain each other. We both brought some cars and things for the boys to play with in the booth. Only problem was the Booth backed up to a window so there was a tiny space between the booth and window. In the course of the evening the bulk of the cars disappeared through the crack.
We all took turns trying to reach the cars with no luck. I remembered that I had something in my car that might work and sent Music Man to retrieve it. I have to point out here that Music Man always makes fun of the state of my car, it's always full of Cheerios and crushed snacks, sippy cups and toys. But this time it worked to our benefit. Music Man returned moments later with our "claw" and used it to extract every single toy from behind the Booth. Three cheers for dirty cars!

And finally, thanks for sticking through my rambling stories, I just wanted to touch on visiting our friends with the new baby. Just a tip. If you're thinking about babies and not sure you want one, do not visit a 2 month old. 2 months is the perfect storm of cuteness. They are just getting to be super cute and chubby and starting to smile yet they sleep quite a bit (during the day) and they aren't moving or driving you nuts yet ;) Poor Music Man had no idea what he was getting himself into.

 Ok, that's enough for now. Have a great Wednesday!

And because this post is super long and random here are some random photos:

Music Man has no tattoos and is thinking about getting one. Fun idea, no?

Thanks for building me a new computer hubby! Without you the blog wouldn't be.

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