Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bye-Bye Moto

Exercise: 4 mile run, negative splits

Today was my first day with my new Garmin 310xt. As far as I can tell it works perfectly and so much better than the Motoactv has in the last few months.

I received the Motoactv in May as a Mother's day gift and I was so excited about the music, map, and multi sport features. Cool features, too bad they never worked correctly. My main issue was that it lost signal ALL. THE. TIME. And often in places where I KNOW there is signal. Anytime I went under trees or in the shade of a building the gps would freak out. Then it started having trouble connecting to my heart rate monitor and then it would connect and jump around. The point of this device is to keep track of your athletic pursuits so the fact that it couldn't handle it's basic function was irritating.

There were numerous other little things that didn't work but I was willing to live with because I just wanted to be able to quickly see my pace and splits. The mileage was always a little off, like it would be 2.1 miles out and 2.2 on the way back, makes no sense but I imagine it was another gps thing. I also had a cadence sensor I used while cycling and it always took a few tries for it to just connect. Sometimes it would say it was connected and then not work. Not the end of the world but annoying for something that wasn't cheap.

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes on the phone with Motorola customer service trying to come up with some sort of solution or replacement after the device stopped connecting to anything at all. Argghh. They don't do replacements, they offered no solutions or help besides me shipping it to them and if I was lucky I would get it back in 12-14 business days, or 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS. I call BS. It's not that hard to do an advanced replacement. Especially because we paid $250 or so in May and you can now get one for $150.
Before I was even off the phone Music Man was ordering me a Garmin. I'm pretty sure I will never use a Motorola product again.

Not sure what I'll do with the Motoactv, maybe sell it on Ebay? Maybe it will work better after they fix it or send me a new one, but I doubt it. It seems like TONS of other people are having similar issues. And I probably would still try to use it if the customer service people were nicer, but man, they were awful. And I swear they just send you round and round so that you get annoyed and give up. Bad news, Motorola.

Please cross your fingers for me that the Garmin works!!

Have a great Wednesday!

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