Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Exercise: 50 mins elliptical, 20 mins strength with lots of planks

Music Man is in Nashville for the week doing musicky things while Little Man and I are holding down the fort. We spent the early part of the week in Laguna tending to my parents (playing at the beach.) where Little Man decided to get a nasty cough and not sleep for 2 days.We are home again, for awhile hopefully, and sleep has still eluded us. Arrgghh. I feel pretty drained and exhausted but still got up at 5:15 to work out before the little dude woke up (for the 5th time last night.) Cross your fingers for me that we get some much needed rest tonight.

I've also been in an organizing frenzy for some unknown reason. Perhaps the heat or lack of running? I've made a good dent in our laundry room, which was a nightmare, by buying some colorful boxes and separating art supplies and hardware and all the various other junk.

I've also tossed a bunch of stuff. I'm not sure why I have a ton of 1/8 full cleaning products. I combined the ones that wouldn't create a toxic hazard and tossed what wouldn't be used. I love how much more space we have so I can accumulate more stuff!

Our house has a funny lay out with a funny little addition. There's a lot of weird space that we've tried to maximize but some has ended up wasted. So to combat this weird space we've made the living room the dining room and the dining room has now morphed from sitting room into a play room. It definitely makes the space less formal but it works really well for our needs and now we have a living room with zero toys. We just repurposed some shelving and storage units and added some boxes and voila, organized play space!

play room

dining room

I'm sure this will all change again in the next few weeks. That's how we roll ;) We're in the market for more modern chairs and benches to contrast the large, rustic table which should make the space look a little sleeker. We also plan to hardwire a pendant or chandelier so the space looks more defined. Right now we just have a swagged cord with a remote switch, which is fine but I'd love something more permanent and maybe blinged out a bit. That might be a hard sell with the man, but we'll see.

Lastly, we moved another dining table we have (my grandmother's old kitchen table) into our living room because we had a pretty large empty space to fill when we banned the toys. Ideally there would be a desk with a cute chair or a nice chair with ottoman there but for now it works as a game/puzzle/craft space which is pretty nice.

So that's what I've been up to since I haven't been running much. Hopefully I'll get a run in tomorrow but I'm not going to stress it. If I could go to the gym (if Little Man wasn't afraid of child care) I would definitely run but it might be too hot to run with the little dude. Temps are hovering around 105 in the valley and it's pretty terrible.

And here's what Dude has been up to.

The boys hangin' out

He's really into sitting in buckets and boxes

Have a great rest of your week!!!

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