Friday, August 24, 2012

Less Than 24 Hours Out

Exercise: nada, resting up for the big bad Bulldog tomorrow

Honestly, I'm totally shaking in my running shoes. I feel unprepared for this 25k and I'm so sluggish and am so afraid I'm going to be super slow. I'm afraid I'll want to quit and that its going to hurt. I'm afraid of the painful blisters and scrapes that I KNOW I will get because this is a trail race. I know I'm being a total wussy.

I wish I felt totally pumped for this race but I just don't. I have a serious case of the nerves and I really need to butch up. I know I will finish. I know I have trained; and pretty damn well at that, And I know I am making this into a way bigger deal than it is.

So I've just decided to focus on the end of the race. The part where I get to sit down and meetup with or wait for my carpooling buddies. Where I get to take a shower and drink a beer or 12 ;) By this time tomorrow I will be done and hopefully have a way better outlook than today!

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