Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Road Rash Pin-Up

Exercise: Nada!!!

Yesterday I completed my last long run prior to Bulldog in just a few weeks. I did a flat 25k, or 15.6 miles, just to get the mileage on my feet. I will do my last trail run this weekend, about 8-10 miles, then I start my taper. My training has been about as spot on as it can be for this race but I'm still nervous because the elevation is ridiculous!!! And the heat...

Bulldog Motorway is considered a category 1 climb, with 5 being the easiest and 1 the hardest, with 1800 feet of climbing in 3.5 miles. Holy sh*t! Every weekend for the past few months I've trained on trails with category 2 climbs so I feel somewhat prepared but I know there will be a lot of walking. And although it seems like a completely slow time I'm hoping to finish in 3:30 with an average pace of just under 13:30. I'd love to finish under 3 but from what I hear that time might be a little unrealistic when one is struggling up a 3 mile cliff ;)

My run yesterday was long and easy. I wasn't going for any particular pace, I just wanted to get a 25k under my belt. It was hot, but not as terrible as I expected and I started on the later side so I'd have some heat training. It was totally Uneventful until mile 13.8 when I fell over. I have no idea what i tripped on but suddenly I was on the ground rolling. So graceless... I wasn't hurt to badly so I jumped up and turned around to make sure no one noticed and of course there was a pack of roadies approaching. I just smiled and said "can we just pretend that never happened?" but they were sincerely concerned and stopped to make sure I was ok. Once again the only thing that was really hurt was my pride. wah wah

Of course the fall happened the day before Music Man and I have a date night where we're actually going somewhere I get to dress up. And I bought a cute little dress for the occasion which will now highlight my uber sexy road rash. Even my tattoo has road rash, poor little pin-up :(

Oh well, at least I get to go out on a date. I'm super excited too. We're going to the Greek! To see Regina! It's been so long since I've been to a concert, I think the last one was Pavement at the Greek.

My Little Man just got up so I guess that's it for now. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. How exciting about the date to see Regina! I am sure you had a great time. At least the weather should be cooler than what it has been for the Bulldog, which will be nice. I don't know if you remember Denise or Rambo from book club, but they are both running it too. Denise is doing the 25K and Rambo is doing the 50K. You all are a little crazy in my books :)

  2. Only a little crazy ;) Denise commented on the blog a few months ago so I hope to see her, but I'm expecting to be super slow. But hopefully it will be fun!!


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