Monday, September 10, 2012

Tying Knots

Exercise: hoping to get in a midday nap elliptical and weight session

While I was in Vegas I had a 16 mile run on the schedule but abandoned it to do more important things like swimming, eating at buffets, drinking margaritas and watching two of my favorite people tie the knot. I did run 10 miles and probably walked a few miles but it's not the same. Music man will be out of town next weekend and throughout the following week so I plan to do my long run of 17 miles Friday or Saturday. I'm wondering if I should try to do another longish run tomorrow; like 12? Or is that mileage too much too close?

By the way, I found a discount for the Malibu Marathon and decided to go for it. It's November 11th so I know I have enough time to train, it's just getting the long runs in that is difficult. Training for the Bulldog built up my base so I just need to expand on that. We don't have any other big trips, events or awesome Vegas weddings planned for the near future so I should be able to remain consistent up until the race.

And speaking of awesome Vegas weddings; here are a few photos from the night. I have some other faves to post when I get a chance

Have an awesome week!

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