Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not Quite Clandestine

Exercise: 10 super slow miles in North Las Vegas

Sleep was non-existent last night due to a toddler and husband that are very particular to sleeping in their own beds. I'm sure the few beers and glass of wine I had didn't help either :) But I was pretty exhausted this morning. I was mentally done with my run before I even started but I powered through for 10 miles. Slow but done!

I'm loosely following a training plan that had me running 16 miles today and there was just no way. Music Man and I are staying on the strip tonight so I told him we had to walk 6 miles to make up the difference. 6 miles in fancy shoes, not sure how that will go down... see ya tomorrow blisters.

Tonight's festivities include a very hush-hush wedding!!! Makes the occasion so much more fun that it's an intimate affair. I offered to prepare the bouquet and the bride allowed me to do it. So much fun having a small hand in the preparation.

That's all for now. Have an awesome Saturday!

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