Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lazy Days

Exercise: 1.5 mile walk...slooooow

Music Man and I were discussing how yesterday and today both feel like extended Sundays. And that it will probably feel like that until next Monday and then it will start over again after the new year. So weird having holidays early in the week!

We have been enjoying all the family time and went to a very cool museum together yesterday. It happened to be a special 'Snow Day' there so the little got his first taste of snow. He loved it! And then spent the remainder of the day hanging out together as a family

Today was another lazy day. Little Man and I did attend a great play date this morning but lazed around until nearly 4pm. Then we peeled ourselves from the sofa to ride bikes and hug trees ;).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive. But, heck, I blogged 2 days in a row. Christmas Miracle!

Have a great Friday!

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