Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rainy Day Play

Exercise: Hoping for 30-40 minutes of elliptical and strength but won't freak out if it doesn't happen. I ran a great 8 miler yesterday so a little rest on this rainy day won't hurt.

I'm sitting in the car on this drizzly Saturday while Little Man naps in the back. He passed out cold on our way to an indoor play area and it really worked out for the best. I got to finish reading my 3rd book this month! Nuts.

I started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn at the end of November and enjoyed the writing so much I decided to read all her books. I give Gone Girl an A-, Sharp Objects a B and Dark Places a B+. I don't read many crime/ mysteries anymore so it was refreshing to read fiction with creepy twists and turns...although some were a bit contrived. All the books were dark,  but great. I would recommend them all.

Little dude is awake so now it's his turn to play and read. Have a great weekend!

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