Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crushing Mileage

Exercise: hoping for 6 easy miles

It was great to wake up this morning feeling rested and hangover free. I did have a few glasses of wine last night but stopped early, had a yummy meal prepared by good friends and was asleep before the clock turned midnight. And it wasn't boring, it was great relaxing in the warmth of my home. Oh dear, I'm getting old ;)

Today should be a great morning to start this year off with a run; slightly cloudy with cool temps and no hangover is perfection. I actually looked at my year in review of workouts when I first woke up and it helped me solidify my exercise resolutions for the year. According to Strava my yearly mileage was 705 but it was imported from Sportstracker so I know some runs are missing, some months were completely blank, and some mileage might be from cycling. Because I've been very consistent with my running this year I believe my actual running mileage is closer to 800. So my first resolution this year is to up it to 1000. And crush this year ;)

So here are my resolutions, I'm keeping it nice and simple (achievable):

1. Run/ walk 1000 miles
2. Drink 8 glasses of water each day
3. Finish a painting

I do have a few other goals for the year but I like the idea of keeping the list short, sweet and easy to accomplish.

Have a wonderful new year!!!!

What are 3 of your goals for the year?

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