Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthier Donuts

Exercise: it took me over 3 hours to complete a 45 minute workout. But I got 'er done ;) So glad to get a strength session in. Also took a 1 mile walk with the little.

We're starting intensive potty training and between multiple wardrobe changes, hours of convincing the little dude that sitting on the potty is awesome and figuring out an appropriate reward system we're all exhausted. All I can say is... hoo boy... it's tough.

So we got revved up this morning with some homemade donuts. Nothing like sugar and coffee to start your morning right! The little man requested them and I wanted to start his morning on a happy note so I made a healthier version. Music Man gave me a mini donut pan last Christmas and I was happy to have a reason to use it. I just used Trader Joe's multi-grain baking mix and added some applesauce, shredded carrots and spices to make a carrot cake-ish donut. I frosted them with cream cheese with a little powdered sugar and a few sprinkles. Pretty healthy and a huge hit! Can't wait to make these again with zucchini, super yum!

Hope your new year is treating well. Have a great Wednesday!

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