Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Term

Okay, so we gots a full term dude up in here! Woot Woot! Any day now is fine with me. Adam and I finished putting together the strollers and figuring out the car seat. I washed a few outfits, bedding and swaddling blankets. I also packed my hospital bag, so I am ready to go at any moment. Ready and waiting...

I went in for my second NST today. It's like old hat now. I go in, get admitted, hop into a bed and strap myself in with my very own heart rate and contraction monitor bands. Because I'll be in all the time, they gave me my own bands that I can take with me and wash as needed. Unfortunately I don't actually get the monitor, but that may be good news because having that at home could make me even more neurotic than I already am. Believe me, I already thought about purchasing one from Amazon.

I also went to my perinatologist this morning. He was really happy with my sonogram. The baby was moving a lot with a great 135 baseline heart rate. His weight is 6lbs 8oz, so we're right on track. He thinks the low heart rate on Friday was just due to the baby's rest period. My fears are somewhat assuaged, and now all I have left to do is wait...

PS- Blogger doesn't recognize perinatologist as a word and keeps wanting me to change it to paleontologist. Like little man is a cave man or something. Totally cracks me up.


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