Friday, April 23, 2010

Stress Test

This week has been so stressful! Sorry in advance for the rambling.

Monday we hired a new girl that I've had to train to cover my duties at work since next week will be my last. And I keep worrying that I've forgotten something or not explained it correctly, and God knows my mind isn't at it's best these days. Leaving work is such a huge change for me. I had planned to go back to work more immediately, but have decided to take some extra time off. I'm very much looking forward to spending time with my baby, but it is still a huge life change.

Tuesday I found out I tested positive for Group B Strep. Group A is responsible for strep throat, apparently group B is responsible for strep v... Even though it's not that big of a deal, it sent me into a bout of hysterics over having to have more medical intervention in my delivery than I had intended. Basically, all that really changes is I have to have an IV during labor, and I've come to terms with the fact that it's not that big of a deal.

Wednesday I was told at my, supposedly, last perinatologist appointment I have an aging placenta. Apparently the thing is old as dirt. This has to do with a condition I've had since mid pregnancy, low PAPP-A. PAPP-A is a placental protein that I have a low amount of and this can cause calcification of the placenta which makes it unable to support the baby. PAPP-A is also known to cause a whole other slew of problems that the baby and I are lucky not to have acquired. Things like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, early term birth, low birth weight (he's already 6lb6oz) and down syndrome.
The real bummer is that I was told to attend 1 NST (Non Stress Test) a week starting next week. A more appropriate acronym would be ST, since it's stressing me out! So I have to go in for about 90 minutes at a time so they can monitor the baby to make sure his heart rate is good and he moves a bit. This will show that the placenta is still providing him with enough nutrients. But it's at the hospital and I have to be admitted every time, it's more of an annoyance than anything. But I'll do it to make sure little man is okey dokey.

Today I went into my normal OB for the first of my weekly appointments. She measured my stomach and did the doppler scan and the baby's heart rate was lingering at 110 bpm which is on the low end of normal; normal being 110-180 bpm. So immediately following my appointment I got to go to the hospital for my first NST. The nurse seemed to think the results were normal after the 90 minute test but my doctor ordered a fetal biophysical.
Apparently there were some problems with it because the high score is 10 and baby and I scored an 8. The dude doing the biophysical seemed to think everything looked ok though. But I don't know what the exact issue is because the nurses and hospital staff can't discuss it and won't know anything until I see my perinatologist on Monday. I'm a bit worried about that because when I called to make the appointment they told me to come in Thursday afternoon of next week. But then they called back and pushed it to Monday at 8am, which is before they accept normal appointments. Yikes! I also have to attend 3 NST's a week now. I'm feeling stressed just thinking about all this.

Now I'm sure everything is fine. They wouldn't have sent me home over the weekend if there was any imminent danger. But it's worrisome none the less.

Send the little man some love.



  1. Sending you AND the baby lots of love and good thoughts Xoxo

  2. thinking of you, lauren. someone told me recently that this is their way of "preparing us" for being REALLY patient mothers. uh, ok...

  3. I think you are right- they wouldn't have sent you home if there way something wrong. They probably just want to give you info or directions for they pregnancy. Hang in there! It's true, the baby is preparing you to be a patient momma! Xo rachelle


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