Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So most people think pregnant ladies are cute. And they totally are... to a certain point. I was much cuter in the latter part of my second trimester and early in my third. But now I'm huge. Not just huge, GIGANTIC. And even my maternity clothes that say they should fit throughout the whole pregnancy don't.
I had to see clients and vendors a few days ago and my cute little flutter sleeve top kept riding up and exposing my belly. It was not pretty. The last few days I've said 'to hell with it.' Now I'm pairing up items to the degree that I look like a toddler that has just learned to dress herself. Pigtails and all.
I think about buying new clothes, but if the baby's going to be here in a few weeks, I'm not sure it makes sense.

And I don't just look gigantic, I feel it too. I knocked a vase off a table with my belly the other evening. And to make matters worse, it was a bitch to lean down and pick up the big pieces. Then I had to vacuum up the little shards. And the story doesn't get better.
Last night I stepped on one of the un-sucked shards. And I couldn't reach my darn foot. So I soaked my foot in warm water for an hour and ended up waiting for my husband to get home from work, which is 11 pm and way past my bedtime. I did manage to get the shard out right before he got home with some belly manipulation and tweezers. But it was a harrowing experience none the less.



  1. Hilarious! I remember feeling gigantic too and being so frustrated at trying to tie my shoes because it was so hard to bend down and do it with that big belly in the way :)

  2. :D I knocked a chair over at the bank yesterday out of sheer clumsy girthiness. I can't imagine how dangerous I'll be at 35 wks. I'm so excited for you though! And I LOVE your geek shirt!

  3. OH, my good Lord, darling. You can always call me for help! Of course, I've been sick all weekend, so I wouldn't have been any good to you.


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