Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hunter is no longer a newborn! Crazy! He's just a baby now. A sweet, wonderful, little baby. I was reading my friend Anna's blog and she just put away all her son's newborn clothes (tears) and that's what made her realize her son was growing up. It's so weird that this milestone is already upon us. I feel like just yesterday he was still kickin' it in my belly.

I guess I notice Hunter's getting older because of all his actions. He's trying to roll over, he kicks and screams, but still tries. He's also trying to sit up, with the same result of kicking, screaming and getting upset. He wants to do it so badly! He also gets really mad when he wants to stand up and can't. I swear I spend half my day holding him up. I can't wait until his feet reach the floor in his little activity walker! I'm hoping we only have a week or 2 for that. I'm not sure I'M READY for him to grow up. But I know he is.

(Mesmerized by Shark Week)


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