Friday, March 20, 2009

Homemade Tortillas

I love Mexican food and try to eat it at least once a week. Last night I shopped and had our Mexican menu completely planned out, was set to go...but, alas, forgot the tortillas! Crap. Now, I could've gone back to the store, but I knew that making them myself was possible.

The process of creating a tortilla is so easy, in fact, once you make them I think it might be hard to go back to the old packaged kind.

Of course, I didn't have all the ingredients normal recipes call for so I improvised. Here is the recipe I used. I substituted half the flour with whole wheat, as usual. And I used light margarine for the shortening. Everything else stayed the same and they were beautiful. I urge you to try to make your own, it's so worth it.

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