Friday, March 6, 2009

Places You Should Spend Your Money

Below is a list of some cool "green" stores. I use their products and stand behind them. I'm not doing it because it's trendy (well maybe a little but I've always recycled.) The last 2 stores have cool kitchen products, but all the stores have great items.
Regeneration for handmade, recycled and eco products if you're near eagle Rock or Pasadena.
I like the Magazine Box in the gift section and I got a super cool little planter for my birthday, but it must be a one off because I can't find it on the site
The Road Less Traveled store has similar types of products if you're in the Orange County area. They carry recycled, disposable, biodegradable plates made from leftover sugar cane pulp. Sooooo Cooool! We all know we have to use disposable plates sometimes and this is the kind to use.
The Green Life is in Santa Monica and they, again, have the eco products, but I especially like the pet section.

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