Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lucy's El Adobe

I haven't posted many recipes recently because I've been having tostadas every night and I don't really think you guys need to know how to make tostadas. The reason, though, that we've been eating tostadas every night is because of the restaurant, Lucy's El Adobe, which is on Melrose across from Paramount Studios. Lucy's has the best tostadas and what makes them the absolute best is the salad dressing that accompanies the tostadas. You can buy the little bottle of dressing, which I do, for an exorbitant fee of $7, but it's soooo worth it.

So what's in this dressing that makes it soooo great? It's a secret recipe that no one knows. Some people say garlic salt and butter. I swear there's some anchovy paste in there. But there's some congealed looking stuff that floats in it and you can see it on the side of the bottle; I know it sounds unappetizing, but it's amazing.

So if you're in LA and you're hungry, try a tostada at Lucy's. Or...if you know the recipe for the dressing, email me.

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