Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 90's Called

Exercise: 4.5 miles inside hill repeats. 9:55 avg pace

So the 90's called and Lisa Loeb wants her glasses back and Courtney Love wants her baby barrettes back.

Promise this is the last of the baby barrettes pics

So I noticed while trying to take a semi decent picture that I have a nasty souvenir from the Hollywood Half. 

 Right armpit chafing...eww

You're lucky I'm not posting pictures of my blood blisters and black toe nails. My feet have always been gnarly, Music Man calls them zombie feet. But now they're just wrong. And they will eat your brains.

My run today was tough. I thought I might puke and had to slow it down and lower the incline. I sweaty and gross and felt dreadful. The dude next to me actually moved to another machine. Maybe he could smell my rotting zombie feet? I took it to far, huh? But at least I finished. I feel like I've been saying that too much lately but showing up is half the battle right?

Tomorrow I'm taking a rest day, sleeping in til 6 and I'm looking forward to taking a ride with some friends that just got bikes. We're going to look like a bunch of goobs but we'll have fun doing it. I may do a little yoga and easy strength but I'm saving myself for Saturday's trails. I want to feel fresh and relaxed so I can truly enjoy myself.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Yay for almost Friday!!!

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