Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Full Hour

Exercise: 7 mile run in the morning- 9:17 avg pace and a little circuit with some moms in the afternoon, the kids were a mess but I love those ladies!!!

My run this morning was a speed work run. I did a little warm up with a few miles of short intervals, a few miles of long intervals and a cool down. I normally wouldn't do 7 miles of speed but I had a full hour alone this morning so I used every second of it.

Today was grocery day so I got to spend some time with the Trader. I got all my necessities like almond milk, quinoa, spinach and beans but am looking forward to trying the Udi's bagels they carry now. I hope they rock. Against my better judgement I also got dark chocolate covered pretzel crisps and Music Man and I agree this is the best flavor combo evah!

Music Man and I just started watching Biggest Loser while waiting for Mission Impossible!!!! to download from iTunes. I haven't followed this season like I did in seasons past. In the very beginning I found the contestants obnoxious and tonight just proved it. I won't spoil it for those that watch it but what a bunch of babies!

Ok, movie time!

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