Monday, April 16, 2012

The Last Few Days

Exercise: Saturday- 7.5 mile super hilly trails, 11:55 avg pace
               Sunday- 5k, 8;22 avg pace and an extra 3.5 miles warm up, cool down and run home
               Today- 50 mins strength and elliptical intervals

It was a fun and relaxing weekend. We had a ton of rain in our area on Friday so we really enjoyed the sunny weekend.

I was contemplating not doing a trail run Saturday because of the rain and mud but Music Man assured me it wouldn't be too bad and that I could do it. So glad he talked me into it! It was chilly to start but absolutely beautiful and the running conditions were the best ever.

The rain was just enough to make the path cushy but not muddy and every footfall was nice and soft. I also allowed myself to just cruise. I felt as though I could have run twice the distance even with the added obstacles.

You can't really tell but there is a steep drop on both sides so I had to tiptoe along the raised edge. Which I did at an 18 min/ mile pace ;) just FYI.

On my way home I passed some Star Wagons on the side of the road. I wonder what was being filmed. Movie? TV show? There are a ton of shows filmed in our area.

Later that day Little man and I went to the park then we had friends over for a great meal of lentil meatloaf, smashed potatoes and asparagus. It was awesome. No pic because we ate all of it too fast.

Sunday I had a 5k scheduled to run with my MOMS club. Only myself and the club pres were able to attend but 2 other MOMS club chapters showed up in full force. It was great to see.

I am always hoping to get that sub 25 time but was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen this time. in fact,  I figured I'd be lucky to go sub 27. I ended up finishing 26:10, 4th in my age group out of 108, 102 overall out of 1225. Top 10 percent is super awesome!! I'm going to say it here: my next 5k is in August and I'm going to crush it. So there.

My lap top is going to die so that's it for now. hope your weekend rocked and your week is even better!


  1. That is awesome about the 5k! Congrats!!! I am lucky if I finished it under an hour, but that was what I was shooting for and it was nice to hang out with the moms. During the race I did keep feeling like I needed to run it and I think that it was the little bit of motivation I needed to start running again.


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