Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All Kinds of Sweaty

Exercise: Sunday-8 miles 9:31 avg pace
              Monday-Rest and trying to look after a sick Little Man
              Today- 4 miles tempo 8:28 avg pace

My Friday run went a little differently than I had planned. The first little hiccup was that the Little Man was going to be joining me. This is fine on most days, even speed work days when I feel that my slower speed is just due to added resistance; but pushing 50 lbs of stroller and toddler up a steep hill multiple times seems like, well...torture.

So I changed it up a bit, which is totally fine. One thing having a toddler has taught me is to adapt to change. I'm still learning ;) So instead of 3 800 repeats I did 6 400s straight up with short walk breaks in between. It was probably for the better because it more closely mimicked the 2 mile hill in my half next week. In all honestly it wasn't the most fun I've had but I felt like a bad a$$ running up that monstrous hill.

I completed my last good run today and will do a few shake out miles Wednesday and then I'm taking 2 full rest days in preparation to race. It's been a long time since I've taken 2 rest days and haven't been sick. (Cross your fingers that I don't get sick because Little Man is!) I also plan to really focus on nutrition and proper fueling this week. I am not looking forward to it but that means easy dairy, onions, fiber, etc all week and absolutely none of those irritants Thursday or Friday.

One last thought, kinda TMI but whatevs. Any mothers out there ever dealt with night sweats? I have been having horrible issues for the past few months and I'm still a couple decades from menopause. So don't suggest that because I will cut you. I've done some research that suggests cutting out sugar, alcohol, fat and caffeine...and anything else that could give you pleasure ;) There are some other herbal remedies such as black cohosh and b vitamins. I'm doing it and we'll see if it works. Anyone have any other remedies?

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