Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Black Hole of Technology

Exercise: 5.25 miles tm run. 3 miles tempo, 2 miles hills

The air conditioning was broken at the Y today. We've had nearly hundred degree temps the past few days so needles to say, it was hot. And I normally look like a beast while running so the lack of air totally amplified my beastliness. I was all red faced, with sweat flying; not pretty.

The motoactiv failed me this weekend so I may have to rescind my glowing reviews. I'm going to give it another chance because I think I was the black hole of technology on Sunday, but I was still a little annoyed. The outing was fun but a mess.

My trail runs are quickly becoming my favorite weekly run. I'm doing long trail runs since I'm training for a trail half marathon coming up in a few weeks so these are also my most relaxing runs. Because the in-laws were here visiting, Music Man and I were able to spend a few hours together up in the hills. Well, more near each other than together; he mountain biked while I ran.

Dorky trail gear. How sweet is that headband?

We started out a bit later than I normally would so it was warmer than I prefer, but still decent weather. I started my motoactiv as soon as I started running but later started my sportstracker phone ap just in case. Glad I did because the motoactiv stopped working after the first mile. Unfortunately I didn't realize right away and wondered how I could possible be running a 14 minute mile down hill. But then my phone wasn't working correctly (sportstracker did though), I got hot, ran out of water and couldn't get in touch with Music Man. Oh, and I got stung by a bee! Poor me!!! ;)

When Music Man finally found me I was in a crap mood until I reminded myself that at least I got to get out for a long, guilt free run. Little Man and the grandparents got to enjoy some time together as did Music Man and I. And my long run days= yummy food days so I also reminded myself that I would soon have cake in my future ;)

Later that day we took a quick trip to the zoo (mistake due to the crowds and high temps.) And later had some people over for Mexican food (margaritas!!!) and to watch the eclipse. I made the pinhole projector and was so excited it actually worked! It was pretty cool to see the phases of the eclipse.

We had a pretty fantastic weekend but the in-laws had to leave on Monday (not before I got my mother in-law to cut my bangs.) Thanks Cathy!!! ;)

Also, on Friday we went to the Skirball Cultural Center to see their interactive children's Noah's Ark exhibit. The whole family was able to attend and every one of us from 2 to 70 enjoyed it. If you are in the LA area or ever visit, I totally recommend it. So much so that we became members and I can't wait to go back!

Hope you had a great weekend and a great rest of your week!

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  1. I like your hair! It is also a perfect time to become members at the Skirball because in the summer they have programs on the weekends for kids (I believe music programs) that are a lot of fun. We used to have a membership, but then nap-time coincided with these events and I found that I wasn't going to Noah's ark enough :(


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