Thursday, May 3, 2012

Increasing my Odds

Exercise: 5 mile tm run- 9:30 avg pace w/ negative splits and rolling hills

For me, running on the treadmill is so much easier than on the road. That being said I much prefer running outside for the scenery but when I just want to get a run done, can't beat the treadmill. I had fun playing with speed and incline and it was a pretty tough and sweaty run.

Even though I got a good amount of exercise today I don't feel as though my nutrition today has been on point an I was contemplating working out on the elliptical for a bit. Then I realized I was crazy because I'll be up in 8 hours to workout again. Since I started seriously considering baby #2 I also started thinking about how it was to be pregnant with Little Man. I had a very easy pregnancy, an average labor, but a less than ideal delivery. I feel like things went awry because of my pre-pregnancy weight, 211. Jeesh. There were some other issues but my weight was a constant concern throughout.

And it didn't help that I gained close to 50 pounds. Crazy! I lost all the baby weight and then some but it is very important that if I do get pregnant again I start at a healthy weight and gain a healthy amount. I'd also like to run through my pregnancy, or at least have the option to. I was told not to run last time because my doc was afraid for my joints with the added weight. I did walk 7 miles every day though.

It's hard to believe I gained so much weight while doing so much exercise. I have heard that some people just gain weight and lose it and my pregnancy weight disappeared pretty easily. But still. So along with losing a few pounds, my goal is 12 in 9 weeks (doable right?) I'm also laying off the booze and trying to eat more whole foods. Last time I didn't do anything special and got knocked up on the first try ;) So let's just hope I'm increasing my odds. Sorry if this is TMI, if you think this is bad I can happily direct you to some blogs that talk about way worse ;) The rowdy blogs are my favorite.

Hope you all have a great Friday. Happy almost weekend!

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  1. You're funny! My midwife told me that I should not be running in my third trimester and should just walk instead because it was better for my body. She explained why, but I don't remember why. Although, she did say that if I was a serious runner (which you seem to be) it would probably be okay. So excited about the possible baby #2! It's funny because I got pregnant three months before Nathan turned 2 and in just two more months I will be at that same point with Anderson and there is no way that I can see myself getting pregnant then because Anderson still seems so young!


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