Saturday, May 12, 2012


Exercise: 6.1 miles- 54:36, avg pace 8:56

My wonderful husband got me an early mother's day gift. The motoactv!!! I've had a Garmin 305, I've used plenty of apps (sportstracker[my fave], map my run, endomondo and strava) but this is my favorite so far. Its touch screen is super easy to use and navigate, the map function is awesome and it's super light weight. I loved the music option as well, although it did drain my battery quite a bit extra. I haven't run with music since 2008 and I can't tell you how much I missed it! (Even though it did play J Simpson and New kids on the block, unacceptable ;)

My favorite function is knowing my splits which some of the aps and the Garmin have access to. But then they didn't have other info I was interested in. Sportstracker didn't have split or lap time so anytime I wanted to know my splits I had to calculate in my head which is no fun while running. Sportstracker was great for calling out pace, distance, avg speed. Great function, user friendly and it never lost my data which some of the other aps did.

So here are my splits, just because:

1. 9:34
2. 8:52
3. 8:47
4: 8:53
5. 8:41
6. 8:55
6.1 :53

I had wanted to try for negative splits but I went out a bit fast. I'm super happy with my times though. It's amazing how a great run can really make your day.

After running I took little man on a bunch of errands. Our first stop was Costco and he freaked out when we got to the bread section. I just needed buns for a gathering we were having but he HAD to have the croissants. He kept shouting "bread, bread", and I told him that no, they were croissants, in my best heavy French accent. What he heard was "cwawsome." And proceeded to shout "cwaesome" through the store until we got to the car and I let him break into those puppies. I think he's right though, croissants are cwawesome.

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