Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nerd Gadgets

Exercise: 10 miles biked, about 45 mins; 30 mins strength

Since receiving my new toy I've wanted to track every move I make. Even a leisurely Sunday bike ride has become competitive (competing only against myself) because I keep looking at my motoactv and thinking, "I can definitely go faster." This is great because now I'm getting way more out of my workouts. Yay for gadgets!

Speaking of gadgets, I kind of feel like a poser on my run with my motoactv on my wrist, my phone on my arm, my fancy headphones wrapped around my ears and my new trail running shoes.

They were black when I bought them (I'll review after I've had a chance to run in them a few times)

Especially while I'm killing myself to keep running a 14 mile pace (uphill, and fueled my a mother's day breakfast of bacon and biscuits and gravy!!!). All of my gadgets came in very handy since I was able to track on multiple devices and compare as well as upload to other sites to compare. I'm such a nerd but I love to keep track of my progress.

Sunday's was one of the hardest runs I've ever completed. About 10 minutes from my home there is a huge system of trails. I normally run on the fire roads and then break off to run on a smaller trail for a mile or 2 but the fire roads seem safest when running alone. Music Man suggested I try one of his favorite mountain biking trails; since I was able to run the eagle rock trail last week he felt confident I could make it up Caballero.

Even though MapMyRun has the climbs categorized as moderately difficult the uneven ground and loose rock added an extra degree of difficulty. I looked like a dirty, sweaty, beast by the time I made it up the first climb.

I still had another few miles of climbing after crushing Caballero but knew that after I reached my destination I'd have a few miles downhill before my next climb. It's the little things that keep you going. And I'm happy I completed the whole loop (8 miles total) because it made me feel pretty accomplished.

I love looking at my laps so here they are for inquiring minds ;)

1. 11:59
2. 14:34
3. 12:17
4. 11:12
5.   9:29
6: 10:24
7. 10:30
8.   8:33

All over the place but you can clearly see where the ascents and descents are. Fun stuff.

Hope you had a great weekend and are having a fabulous week!

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