Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free Fallin'

Exercise: 4.5 miles run w/ jogging stroller

Today's run is brought to you by a swollen ankle and road rash. And Tom Petty. (BTW, he mentions good, ol Reseda in this song)


Yup, I fell today. I've tripped with the jogging stroller before, even an easy fall but today was my first all out fall where I brought the stroller down with me. My fall probably wouldn't have been so calamitous had I not tried to keep the stroller from falling on its side. I fell to my side and tipped the stroller up on end. It happened so fast but I feel like my legs and arms sprawled everywhere trying to keep Little Man safe. He was TOTALLY fine, just a bit scared. I got road rash up the side of my right leg and ankle and my ankle is seriously p.o.'d. But I'm pretty sure I'll survive.

My sorrows are soon to be drowned in pulled pork. Instead of slowing me down my bum ankle is urging me to make some extra yummy food. It needs that porky protein to strengthen muscle I'm sure. I'm also pretty sure it was my ass that suggested I bake a loaf of bread yesterday ;) So I have tons of yummy meals in my future.

I prepared my pulled pork in the dutch oven so I could brown and cook in one pot. I would have used the slow cooker or crock pot if I was out of the house but I prefer the dutch oven anyway. In case you're wondering I stopped using a recipe or even measuring for my pulled pork a few years ago so I won't list a recipe but I will tell you that I mix together a rub of salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder and brown sugar and generously coat the meat and allow it to brown. Then I put in a little apple cider vinegar and water and let it cook on super low until it's ready. This time I used frozen pork chops that I wanted to use before they got frosty so it only took 2 1/2 hours. The fattier and larger cuts (I normally use leaner cuts) take longer but I just check until it's fork tender.

I left it chunky for carnitas and will pull some apart for sandwiches

Above I mentioned that my ass requested some bread. And I'm so glad it did, it was delicious. 

I just used this recipe and subbed 2/3 whole wheat flour. I didn't let it rise long enough, but it's still great. I used it today for fantastic chicken salad sandwiches made with leftover roast chicken, garden picked scallions, walnuts and dried cranberries. Incredible!!!

Have a lovely rest of your Tuesday!

Little Man is enjoying the heck out of his.

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  1. Ouch! Glad that everyone is okay though! Speaking of jogging strollers we went on a run this weekend and we were doing about a 14 minute mile going uphill (which was about 1/2 of our run) because the jogging stroller loaded with both boys was ridiculously hard to do! I'm thinking of getting another jogging stroller so that we can divide up the weight!


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