Thursday, May 17, 2012


Exercise: 6.5 very difficult miles

I think I'm going to call this week a wash in terms of running. With a fall on Tuesday and residual soreness and a tummy ache on top of everything today, I'm just feeling done.  My last mile today was the only halfway decent one and that's only because I knew I was almost done. I'm taking a few days off and hitting reset.

Hooray for Thursday, I am definitely ready for the weekend. The inlaws will be in town for a few days and although we will all enjoy it, I know Little Man will be in heaven. We have a museum trip planned for tomorrow afternoon, lots of yummy meal ingredients in the fridge, and a good excuse to relax for a few days. I am really looking forward to focusing on family and not extraneous tasks.

My friends, especially the mothers, and I are constantly having the conversation about how we don't live in the moment enough. Instead of playing with our kids we are cleaning up behind them. Instead of enjoying family time we're spending hours cooking a meal. Although I love to cook and eat good food I need to remember that every once in a while it's ok to get a pizza delivered or run to In N' Out. I think having company really forces that. You don't worry about the day to day tasks, you just get to really enjoy the few moments you get together.

And speaking of moments. About this time, 7 years ago, Music Man and I were just laying eyes on each other. Well other than what we saw on the other's profiles! Yup, met online. I always tell people that I have a bad picker so I might as well let a computer try. And you know what?  Totally worked.  It probably helps that we didn't lie...too much ;) I'm a huge fan of but more on that another time.

Have wonderful Friday and weekend! Xo

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