Saturday, October 22, 2011

Five for Friday Saturday Edition

1. I ran in my new Newton's yesterday. It was an awesome 4 mile run at an average 8:59 pace.

2.I was so looking forward to running again today but I suffered a tragic vacuuming accident that has left me with a bum right knee. I was pushing the beast of a vacuum and twisted my knee just a bit and suddenly my knee was sending shooting pains up and down my leg. No bueno. I've been icing it and staying off it and I am happy to say it is feeling much better.

3. Instead of a run or elliptical session I did a low impact 45 minute workout with a ton of punches, easy jumping jacks and lots of arms and abs with a few light squats and lunges.

4. I urge you to buy candy corn because making it yourself is traumatic and the 3 dollars for a bag is worth it. The end result is pretty cool and people seem to be impressed, but the burns on the palms of my hands tell the real story.

5. Instead you should spend your time making enchiladas, poached apples, or something that may not kill you in the cooking process.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!


  1. I can't imagine making your own candy corn. I got through way too much of it to be worth my while, ha! Hope your horrible vacuum injury heals quickly!!

  2. THAT IS SO COOL that you made your own candy corn!! Love running in new shoes:)


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