Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Specs

Exercise: 6 miles 9:22 avg pace

Awesome run considering it was fueled by brownies and a bottle of wine. It was split in two by a play ground stop after mile 4.

Another short post today because I'm phone blogging and, also, Music Man leaves tomorrow.

Sidenote- Little Man tried to put himself to bed again tonight. I had to give him a bath though, he's a dirty bugger.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

*I'm not sure how the photographs work in mobile Blogger, but it's just a photo of me and some new specs.


  1. Cute! I like them!

  2. lauren!!! I couldn't find a contact me' button (if it's here sorry haha) so I'm commenting RE the pacing.
    I would LOVE to do that and there are probably a lot of races that aren't super far for either of us!! Let me know what you've got your eye on and I will let you know if I can come be an "amateur pacer". Only caveat is that I am out of town (or have bf in town) like 50% of the time, so we'd have to schedule carefully.
    WOO HOO. (you can email me at if ya want.

  3. Thanks Kim! @Margs- email sent!


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