Thursday, October 6, 2011

Running Buddy

Exercise: 5 mile run 8:48 avg pace yesterday, 4 mile run 9:25 avg pace today

So I killed my run yesterday. It was another run split by a playground stop so it was 2.6 at 8:56 and 2.5 at 8:39. I'm extremely pleased especially because Little Man and I had another rough night. He was up from 1-2 in pain from teething. Then again at 5. It's pretty heartbreaking because there's not much I can do besides drug him up and I try to avoid the drugs when I can. I'm not opposed to pain relievers at all I just want to use them when he really needs them, like as a febrile fever reducer or for ear infections.

I got to teach the Fit Mommy class again this week and I was totally unprepared. But I still loved it and was able to lead a 40 minute class pretty seamlessly. I would say about half the exercises were the same but I added in some yoga poses to change things up. It was really fun again and everyone said they enjoyed it. One of the new mothers asked where I taught which I totally took as a compliment. I'm thinking more and more that group fitness instruction might be something to look into when Little Man starts preschool.

I  met another mother runner at the playground today and we exchanged numbers and talked about running together next Thursday. I love the idea of having a running companion because I've always been solo but I'm really insecure about my pace. What's an average pace to run with people? I don't want to slow her down but I think it would be worse to exhaust myself. Also, if I have to hold a conversation I'm thinking my comfortable pace might drop considerably. Ha, it sounds like a first date. "Should I just be myself?" I guess I'm just overanalyzing and I should just focus on enjoying myself.

Music Man comes home tonight and we're going to spend the weekend in Laguna.

Have a great weekend!

Here's a pic of Little Man and his Aunt Nami vacationing in Laguna.

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  1. Great job on the run! I think I need to head to the park and pick up a fellow mom runner :)

    I don't have a lot of running buddies but I've ran with people faster than me and people slower. For me, it's just about the company and not about pace. I could run 15-minute miles with a buddy and be happy so I don't think you have anything to worry about.


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