Monday, July 25, 2011

Mini Break

Exercise: I ran Friday-Sunday (so wonderful to run again!) and today did 60 mins elliptical and 20 mins weights

Music Man and I are taking Little Man to Vegas this week to see his grandparents. It will be great to see the family but it's just nice to get out of town and Music Man will get a much needed break. I'm always a little worried about traveling with Little Man, he tends to get a little antsy when strapped in his car seat for more than an hour.

I'm also worried about the heat. It's hot out here in the valley but Vegas is crazy hot and dry to boot. I'd really like to get a run or two in while I'm there but I find myself daunted by starting a run when the lowest temperature is 80. I plan to power through it just by doing a few short easy runs.

I've been thinking a lot about my running, or lack there of. I got to run Friday and Little Man got to hang with some other littles thanks to a wonderful friend of mine. I only ran 2 miles but realized that 2 miles is enough, heck, 1 mile is enough. But I love to do it so I'll settle for a quality run as opposed to a quantity run any day. So that leads me to my new plan of attack.

Just because I can't get in a long run doesn't mean I can't run at all. So I'm running when I can fit it in. On Saturday Little Man woke up and I immediately loaded him in the jogging stroller with a cup of milk and some toast and did a quick 4 mile run. It took 35 minutes and he enjoyed breakfast on the ride and all the scenery. So we repeated it on Sunday and it went great again. I'm hoping to do that a few times a week(praying.)

This plan is much less stress and I still get to run. Woo hoo! my next race is a 5k in about a month so the short runs should gear me up for that. Perfect prep. Now I just need to get in a few long runs to see if I can get my butt to the Bulldog.

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