Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ultra Mini Break Recap

Exercise: One 3 mile run and the rest were elliptical and weight sessions

Life's been a little nuts around here. Mostly due to our whirlwind trip to Las Vegas. We had planned to rest and relax for 4 days in the hot sun and that turned into less than 30 hours. Music man got a call the 2nd day we were in Vegas and we found out we had to get home immediately. Luckily Little Man was having a hard time getting to sleep so we kept him up until we got in the car and he slept the whole trip. Thank the Lord.

Music Man drove and I tried to stay up the whole drive to keep him company but I kept passing out for short periods. We got home safely but Friday and Saturday were a blur from exhaustion. But I got in my workouts every day. I even got a run in on Thursday in Las Vegas. And man was it hot, 85 degrees when I started running right before 7am so I decided a 5k would suffice. It ended up slower than I'd like but I finished and was back before the real melting heat. I'm finally starting to feel normal today so I got another decent run in.

Even though we were in Vegas for such a short time we did get to relax a bit and do some typical Vegas things while the grandparents babysat Little Man. We saw Horrible Bosses and it was pretty darn funny. I would even go as far to say I loved it, but then again, I have horrible taste in movies. We also got to have lunch out. The theatre is at a casino so we figured we'd just eat there but none of the little restaurants were open yet, it was before 11. The one place open was the buffet which isn't really our style, especially unplanned. But we found out for registering with the casino we got a huge reduction on the price pf the buffet so we ended up paying 10 bucks total for our meal, including tip. Umm, that's a hell of a lot cheaper than fast food even, how could we resist?

Music Man and I haven't eaten at a buffet in ages so all the excess was a little daunting. I know I can't eat that much now without feeling terrible. I'm used to getting 3 or 4 plates of food which just seems disgusting. We each got a plate of random unhealthy foods and took only a few bites before deciding to get salads. but the salad bar was nothing more than some wilted lettuce, under ripe tomatoes and dry cucumbers. There was also some jello and ambrosia salads, clearly catering to the AARP eligible crowd. We finally decided to skip the salad and just have dessert. Yay for mini cheesecakes and a frozen yogurt bar! Lunch ended up being heavenly.

The trip was way too short but definitely worthwhile. We did get some time to relax and we got to see the family but Little Man definitely didn't get enough time with the grandparents, heck, we didn't even have time to take pictures. But it's already August so the holidays will zoom here and we'll get to spend time with them soon enough.

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  1. I just saw Horrible Bosses and I really liked it too! Sorry that your Vegas trip was cut short!


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