Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes You Need to Wash it Down with a Bottle of Wine

Exercise: 60 mins elliptical 10 minutes strength

Wanna know how you can tell this isn't a "healthy living" blog? Because I will admit that I contemplated having carrots and a container of hummus for dinner and washing it down with a bottle of wine because Music Man is, well, working on music. I ate the carrots and 1/2 the hummus and passed on the bottle of wine because I get to run tomorrow!!! Just a quick 2-3 miles, but a run none the less, so better to not be hung over. A glass or 2 of wine won't hurt though. Right? ;)

I was at a MOMS club meeting this morning at an indoor play area at the mall and Little Man was running wild. He kept trying to escape from the area, climbing things way too high for a 14 month old to climb and just causing general chaos. He was running me ragged chasing him everywhere every few seconds. One of the mothers mentioned that that must be how I stay skinny. Ha! Totally true. Toddlers are nuts. I'm beginning to think a leash is a good option.

I do work out every day and eat fairly well to keep the weight off but I stay active throughout the day. Little man keeps me on my toes. I'm always running after him, taking him and the dogs on walks, biking with him to the park and running around with him in the backyard. So that definitely helps with my weight.

But speaking of weight, I'm trying to figure out what the right weight for me is. I've never been this weight before. I am continuing to lose at a very slow rate so I'm thinking I must be close to my ideal weight. But I'd like to lose more.

It's funny, because at 230 pounds I thought if I could just get to 175 I would be happy. Even though I would still be considered overweight a 55 pound weight loss seemed perfect to me. But I got to 175 and figured I should get into my healthy weight range. So I'm there now. I'm below my latest goal of 155 pounds and a good bit below the heavy end of my healthy weight range. But I feel like I need to lose more.

I have this tummy issue. I know you can't lose fat in one place. Annoying. So I feel like I need to continue to lose weight until that issue is resolved. But what if it never is? I was obese and then pregnant and obese so I stretched out that area possibly to the point of no return. Is it realistic for me to tighten that saggy tummy. I don't think it's been flat since I was 13 and everything was flat back then.

I wish someone could give me a magic number because I feel like I need to know it to feel that I achieved my goal. Stupid, I know. I've already achieved and surpassed my weight loss goals. But what's the conclusion? I guess I just need to keep on keepin' on and see where it takes me. And see if I can maintain that weight. It's no good getting to a weight I can't maintain because sometimes you need to eat carrots and a whole container of hummus and wash it down with a bottle of wine.

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