Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two for Tuesday

Exercise: 60 Mins elliptical and a 20 minute yoga sesh of sun salutations and warrior poses

The music man and I have been experiencing a bit of stress over the past few months. He was out of town for a month and then he returned just to begin a minor(major) kitchen remodel as well as having to start a new project immediately. I was alone for a month then having to do all my cooking by microwave and grill while chasing a toddler. Things are slowly settling down, but some of the stress still remains.

I am often overwhelmed by all the daily tasks and then there's everything else. Sometimes it's just too much and I shut down. So I've come up with a plan to pare things down. And the last few days have been much easier. It requires a tiny bit of time but is so worth the feeling of productivity. I am actually getting things done as opposed to breaking down. Good news as far as I'm concerned.

So here's the deal, I do all the daily tasks like sweeping, laundry, running after a toddler, play dates, music classes, scooping poop, etc. and then I give myself two tasks a day per area of my life. For instance, today, for home, I organized my kitchen and rehung all the art since the kitchen is finally in a state of normalcy.

For music man, I prepared 3 meals, here are 2:

and baked a gluten free apple sauce cake for him as a treat.

Little man got a trip to the park and 20 minutes of abc's and 123's puzzle time.

The dogs got 2 good walks.

As for me, I got my workout done and after the dishes were done, little man was in bed and everything was prepped for the next day I watched Weeds and painted my nails.

Everything else is gravy.


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